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Crosslab WDKA, sem4

We’ll talk about future. Create an idea for a project relating to ‘smell – life – technology’. For example you can initiate a venture company that provides a new type of service for smell and taste, open a new type of restaurant or shop, product design, artwork, etc etc…

You’d need money to realize it. Imagine that you have to convince an investor (= the audience) with your presentation. (Let’s vote after the presentations to whom we’d want to invest!) Use your blog site efficiently for your presentattion.

Tip: explain shortly and clearly WHAT it is about, for WHOM it is, WHY you want to do it, HOW it works and HOW you would realize it (technically it doesn’t have to be realistic if it’s explained so)

– time of presentation: 3 to 5 min.
– language: English.
– no laptop open during other’s presentations
– take notes on a sheet of A4 paper during other’s presentations (like the last time)


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