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Crosslab WDKA, sem4

In 2008 Six Scents Perfumes came with Series One. I will take one of these parfumes and make the concept clear.

Cosmic Wonder Light Source
& Philippe Paparella-Paris
“The Spirit of Wood”

Every perfum is inspired by a collection of a fashion designer. For example:

The inspiration for this fragrence comes from Cosmic Wonder Light Source’ nature oriented fashion collection (S/S09). Inspired by the designers memory of a scent experienced during a walk through an eucalyptus forest. A selection of fresh green top notes were combined with fig leaves an lightened by green grass playing with fresh cut cypress. The idea wat to create a rough and natural fragrance, using a lot of essential oils with a focus on the woody notes such as vetiver an hinoki.

Ingredients: green grass, fig leaves, cypress, elemi, coriander, cedar wood, vetiver, hinoki, white amber.


Six Scents Perfumes

Each year, the Six Scents Fragrance initiative brings the experience of creativity with a conscience to the world (het ervaren van creativiteit met een geweten) through a collection of six individual scents. Created by a distinct group of designers and perfumers, these limited
edition fragrances are designed to represent a global range of contemporary views on creativity and culture. Through
the designers’ concepts and the perfumers’ knowledge of fine fragrance, two artistic disciplines interweave to explore
new perfume compositions.

Six Scents: Series Two will feature fragrances by: Phillip Lim, Henry Holland, Damir Doma, Henrik Vibskov, Richard
Nicoll, and Toga.
Individually numbered with custom packaging, each fragrance will be offered in a limited quantity
of 2,000 bottles and a percentage of the net proceeds will go toward Pro-Natura in support of their environmental
sustainability programs.

For the occasion Azuma Makoto has been commissioned by the fancy fragrance line to shoot six Botanical Sculptures that seek to represent the idea (and smell) behind each fragrance.



Explain briefly on your blog-site what it is about, and also why you got interested in it.
Make a presentation the next week with using your blog.

Just to share with you what I’m expecting from you the next week Wednesday…
Assignment [1]
: Research and find an interesting, existing example of “Smell – Life – Technology”. It does not necessarily use the digital technology, but it should be something surprising, innovative, and interesting.  You can use the internet as resources.

Presentation time: 3 to 5 min per person
Language: English (good chance to exercise this for you and me!)

Ontwikkelingen in de tijd
Vervuiling vroeger en nu
Informatie over de parasiet

Ontwikkelingen in de samenleving
Gevolgen op de persoon
Gevolgen in de maatschappij


Huid, parasiet, verdikking, verdunning, sensueel, contrasterend, technologie, vorm